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Lord & Lawrence Consulting Engineers provides clients with an expert engineering team equipped with diverse skills to meet various energy production challenges. We design systems using the most cutting edge energy storage components for backup, self consumption, and off grid usage. We are certified by some of the largest energy storage manufacturers and are able to design systems for even the most energy demanding buildings. From utility-interactive to mini-grid;  we have a solution.

Drone Takeoff


Worried about existing site conditions prior to the design and installation of your solar project? Don't worry, we do all the work. Our surveyors collect all the information our engineers require to design a code compliant system. They use state of the art drone technology to create a highly detailed orthomosaic image of the roof or ground area.  This enables us to make automated measurements. We then collect information about the existing electrical infrastructure and identify potential interconnection points. In the process, we identify any existing code violations or other obstacles that may hinder the successful installation of your solar project.


The information collected during the site survey process is routed to our design team which creates detailed system layouts including, but not limited to:

  • Existing roof obstacles such as vents, skylights, and other rooftop objects

  • Shading

  • Fire access pathways in accordance with state and local requirements

  • Wind zones

Solar Layout.png
Analyzing the data


We use several industry-leading tools including Heliscope, PVsyst, and the System Advisor Model to estimate the energy the system will produce.  These models use historical weather data and incorporate data from the modules, inverters, and other components used for the installation to produce a highly accurate annual energy forecast.


During the system design phase, we use our combined decades of experience to create a system that meets and/or exceeds the requirements of local and national codes and standards in order to produce a  system that is cost effective and highly efficient.

Customer Support Representative


We provide assistance to installers to ensure that the system is installed in accordance with the plans. Additionally, we provide as-built plans to document the installation for future servicing. We also assist in filing utility interconnection applications. Our team can also provide commissioning and system start up to ensure that the system operates effectively throughout its lifespan.

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